Advanced Recycling Technologies



Our service manually dismantles the e-waste (we do not shred).
This is a very labour intensive task, once the items have been dismantled into separate parts such as plastic, circuit boards, steel and glass. They are then forwarded onto associates to be recycled further. These companies are specialists in their fields and have the ability, using state of the art machinery, to process the materials and refine them back into raw materials where they can be re-used.



We provide a certificate that our customer has recycled responsibly and that the waste has been recycled at a rate of 95% (by weight) or more.


Secure Data Destruction

Secure hard drive destruction is available. This prevents anyone from reusing your hard drive and gaining access to important information. We can issue a certificate of data destruction.


Refrigeration Devices

ART is ARC authorised to decommission (degas) fridges, freezers and air conditioning units. Degassing requires a special recovery pump and a gas storage cylinder. When the cylinder is filled up to the required level, it is then forwarded to refrigerant specialists where the proper precautions are taken to safely destroy the harmful gases through a high temperature incinerator.
ARC authorisation can be checked through their web site.

Fluorescent Lamps

We have prepaid boxes that are available for onsite storage. Once the boxes are full we can then collect them and dispose of them safely.
Other options are available such as simply dropping them off at ART’s depot, where they are charged by the kilo.
The lamps and tubes contain mercury, they are sent off to a mercury distilling and recycling facility whom are EPA licensed. They are then safely crushed under vacuum and then the latest separation technology is used to remove the mercury.
The byproducts of this recycling are aluminium, glass, mercury and phosphorus powder.


Collection depends on the quantity and location of the items in question. There also may be a small collection fee. For smaller items a courier may do. As for larger items and collections, we have trucks, trailers and additional men if required.

Items We Recycle

Televisions, monitors, computers, printers, photocopiers, phones, fax machines, fridges, freezers, air conditioners, office electrical equipment, fluorescent tubes, fluorescent lamps, stereos and other domestic appliances, scanners, power tools etc.




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